Gemstones Havanese and Mt Breeze Havanese                   have combined their  efforts ..
       Terri McGuire ..Bradenton Florida ..
        Sandra Moyer..   I now live in Florida also!!..

  After 40 years plus in Pa , i have moved to Florida ....Mt Breeze was located in Bowmanstown, Pennsylvania. Now we are on the west coast of  sunny florida.. Bradenton Fl...

Whoa is ME ...I am still waiting for my forever home.. Mom says i am cute , ..wiggle waggle my little tail ohh so cute , gosh i even go on a weepad , ! i am smart , my sista rings a bell to go out for her family !  That sounds like fun , I bet i could learn that too , if i had my forever family.. !!!!  
Mom says its not me , it is the Holidays ..whatever that is .. mom wouldn't let me go to a home in December ,  and Lo and behold the darn marketplace said i wasnt available ..AND I AM ! 
THe DUDE below is my POP!
UPDATED JAN. 11,2019