From the time Brenda was a little girl she always helped me with the dogs., she would help at the grooming shop washing dogs and cleaning up for me.. Brenda had her own Golden Retriever and as she got older she had a Lhasao Apso .... When i started boarding dogs she would help me when i needed time off even tho she was raising her own human family ..
 Soo it was only natural for Brenda to acquire one of my dogs.. Geo .. Named after the rock Geocide  because we just didnt know what color he would be when he grew up..  Geo had a very tramatic delivery , and it took very long for him to start breathing on his own , because of this he was special to us and I trusted Brenda to raise him right.. 
 Geo is her 2nd love after Molly their 15 year old shitzu (and of course her husband and 2 boys) 
   In January of this year Brenda decided to try her hand at breeding , so up came Eden ..Mt Breeze Gems Paradise ... and the rest is history ...
Mt Breeze Gemstone            Pennsylvania 
Intoducing the Mt Breeze Gemstone ...Pennsylvania babies!!!
Eden ..... OFA Health Tested
Geo ... OFA Health Tested
GEO entered the Halloween Contest
MOM AND DAD .. GEO and Eden