Ch Los Perritos Got 2 Xist

Ch Los Perritos Got 2 Xist or affectioniatly known as "Twix" came to live at Mt Breeze when he was 14 months old, and has never really liked the show ring. Twix and I worked all summer to get his championship, finally almost a year later we did it!! He became a champion in April of 2005. .
  Twix now plays with the girls and boys here at Mt Breeze. He is very loving and likes to sit on the step and oversee the whole family.
OFA and Cerfed
Twix X Nettie Litter    "Snickers"
Snicker's brothers Guster and Arizona
Twix X Bea   Poppi(Bella). & Buster
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Patella's Normal
Legg Calve Perthes Normal
Twix and Lucy Litter
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