Jonathan's Corner
My name is Jonathan Pennella . I am 11 years old.  My family lost our  faithful Labrador Retreiver, Max in June of 2007 . Max grew up mostly with my brother. When Anthony ,my brother, went off to college  and  Max was gone, I made a  contract with my parents.  I would be a responsible dog owner, but if I had to go away, they would care for my dog. ..
  Now the next  problem .. what kind of dog ???
My mother called her cousin , whom she knew had experience showing and caring for dogs..
  She told us about a litter of Tibetan Terriers that she co bred .. so we anxiously waited for our new arrival ..
  We had to go to a dog show to pick up our  new puppy ... that was my first  dog show.. we did not have time to look around as it was very long ride and we were excited to bring our new puppy  home .
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